About SAI

About SAI

top_aim2for well-being of you who make the world a better place

SAI -social change and inclusion- has established by a Japanese who has learned social services and formative art to support you over better Communication, Creativity and Well-being in Espoo, Finland.

Starting with working in between Finland and Japan, we are aiming to contribute to “little better society” by providing products and services concerning the 3 factors.

The common concept of our services is social contribution through developing your communication, creativity and well-being.

product_enSAI is also working for improving welfare, education, social business, networking and cultural interaction in the 2 countries.

More information on these products, see below pages.


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Who is the entrepreneur?


The representative

Rep. Aya Obayashi

Aya Obayashi…

Well-being Entrepreneur in Finland and Japan, with key words: Communication, Creativity, Well-being.
Services are carried out mainly for well-being at the work place, with using creative and communication methods.
license: socionomi (Finnish social worker), Encounter Art instructor

After learning formative art in Japan, Aya worked as a designer, project manager and team-building leader for an IT company.

Meanwhile, she challenged colour-care counseling, social support for multicultural children and educational methods for the sake of social change.  Since 2011, she has moved to Finland to study social service at Laurea University of Applied Sciences.

She also established a NPO “I.L.O. ry” and a company “SAI” for achieving social well-being, approaching person’s creativity and hidden talent  by creative workshops, counseling and product development.     >>LinkedIn




Our chairman

Lovely frog… He is our chairman.   >> His photo gallery





SAI -social change and inclusion-  Espoo, Finland (head office)

rep. Aya Obayashi (大林あや)          Y-code: 2674863-1


SAI Japan Saitama, Japan (Japan office)  staff: Shuichi Obayashi (大林修一)



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