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Here, SAI introduces good Finnish products (made-in and sold-in) and services to Japan in terms of “Communication, Creativity and Well-being” and education and culture.

SAI recommends you these innovative products, and if you are interested in these products, please visit the official sites.



(1) Työnhakupeli

produced by Timo Karjalainen, Työnhakupeli



Game Board


Questions (Finnish ver.)








Työnhakupeli“…Job Search Game is a traditional board game, where you answer questions about seeking for jobs, and you try to find people who will give you recommentations. Answers are then evaluated within the group. The winner gets the job, but everybody learns! Playing a game is a natural way for young people to learn. Playing is fun, and at the same time skills to interact are developed. In addition to learning better job-searching ways, it helps develop group work and performing skills. The game is widely used in Finland, for example in trade schools, high schools, grade schools, in youth centers and libraries. It is also found useful by immigrant counselors and trainers who train people to fit into the working life.



(2) SoundShade

produced by Soundage



Innovative application for iPhone and iPadSoundShade” may provide you relaxation and improved focus.

30 soothing sounds, arranged as you like, will help improve focus and relieve stress. Place them around you in 360 degree surround sound and free yourself from the distractions around you.

This app includes sounds and samples, such as Japanese garden with birds singing.

Listen to all of the sounds that come with SoundShade free of charge, including: rain, birds, ocean, purring cat and many other sounds of nature. With the option to unlock extra featuress.


more samples on SOUNDCLOUD


(3) The 3D Classroom

produced by SENSAVIS
The 3D Classroom simplifies complicated things. Navigating freely in space, using interactive 3D, pupils can learn about concepts that previously were difficult to convey.
Passion, curiosity, patience and involvement. These are just a few of the qualities that are evoked in pupils when they experience The 3D Classroom. Interactive 3D visualisation makes anything possible. The 3D Classroom brings your teaching methods to levels that were previously impossible to attain.
For schools and educators, getting access to this tool is easy. We have put together a basic package with everything you need.




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