3csCx3 BOOSTER ®”[síːθríːbúːstəː]

means BOOST your team’s threeCs…Cooperative Creative Communication.

Poor communication can cause various problems to a group and also belonged individuals.

Cx3BOOSTER ® has been developed to achieve improved outcome for your organisation and your personal well-being through the three Cs.

aim_engWe put emphasis on not instant team-making, but building in a way primitive, trust and respect-based fair human relationship via the game. We aim greater profit to the organisation, well-being for the individuals and following social contribution eventually.

We do not promise easy team-building, and to achieve success with this game-cards, it needs your group member’s continuous strong will and effort to develop the poor situation. What SAI can do is to provide total support for the process.

11With a trained facilitator, a set of cards may help you to develop the situation, and also staff from SAI would provide you heartfelt support: counseling, game implementation and follow-up.

Cx3BOOSTER® has been tested in Finland, Britain and Japan with more than 70 international people from different backgrounds, and gained almost 100% positive feedback.

TESTIMONIALS:So much fun, I’d love to use it my working place/ This is much better than I expected that I felt sad to finish the game / Interesting! Despite I don’t know your name, I know what kind of person you are / I am curious about others when playing / Incredible. I cannot wait I play it again! / I’d like to use it for making a good group composed with unique people. …

[NGO staff (Save the Children), Teachers(Social Service, Business Management), Students, professors, teachers and managers at universities, Start-up events, Entrepreneurs, Investors  etc..]

table Cx3BOOSTER® is carefully designed and being developed underpinned with various theories and methods such as psychology, brain science and group dynamics.

It is simple game: all you need to do in the gaming part is just answering the questions in turns using your intuition.

rulesHowever, it has big secrets: if you keep the rules, you might be able to active listening, deeper communication, appreciation, sharing positive experience, and building fair relationship surprisingly easily.

And on the top of that.. it’s really FUN! This is a big sales point of Cx3BOOSTER® that has gained many fans in the test-monitoring period.



What kind of question are on the cards..? These are few examples.

・What is the key phrase/mantra that supports you in difficult situations?

・What makes you happy?(5 words max)

・What kind of person makes you feel pleasant?

They are already unique questions, and become much more interesting if you follow the rules.

It is recommended to play: Playing is believing. you can know how interesting immediately!

flow_engThe system consists of 4 process, starting with warm-up and all supported by a trained Cx3 facilitator.

1. Warm-up etc.→ 2. Playing Cx3question game→ 3. Synergetic excercise→ 4. Feed-back

All the processes are included in the card-set, and you can BOOST anytime anywhere if your member has trained as a Cx3facilitator with us.

It is recommended to be used in companies, schools, organisations, start-up events, workshops, events in which you need more developed team work.

You can discuss with us how to make teams, what kind of process and how many plays are needed, and other team-building workshops.


[about sales]

Cx3BOOSTER® is not sold only itself: if you are interested in this product, we strongly recommend to play together, first (free of charge). And if your organisation doesn’t have any facilitator or counselor, we also recommend you to take a Cx3 facilitator training course (about 3 hours) to making higher potential of your team.

A set of cards costs 30e+tax (24% in Finland), and Cx3 facilitator training is priced 150e+tax per person.(over 2 persons recommended.) * this price change from September 2015.


*photos are from Pilot edition (English ver.) ,released April, 2015.

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